Short Rows and a Short Post

This week I have been working on a striped shawl.  Many of you may recognize it as a very popular pattern in ravelry.  I have not purchased the pattern, as funds are a bit tight right at the moment.  But I have been studying the photos, and am working on it as an exercise in learning about short rows.  I would not post my instructions here, out of respect for the original design, but I feel like I can show my progress.


As you can see, this one is making an unfortunate point in the middle of the pink section.  I’m hoping that some of that will straighten out in the blocking, but if not it is still a good exercise in short rows.

 Oooh, I can hear you now–“Hey, that looks like garter stitch.  What gives?  I thought you didn’t like garter stitch?”  No, no I do not like garter stitch.  This proves it to me once again. I would like to make another one of these shawls, but work out some kind of border and use stockinette.  I really like the progressive color striping, just not the chunky lumpy garter.

I’m linking up today with the usual suspects:, and  Check out some really creative work and be inspired yourself!  Happy Friday everyone.



To Garter or Not To Garter?

I’m a little late to the (Friday) party everyone.  I’m not really sure about this one, but just a couple of pics of what I’m working on.  I’m just sort of making it up as I go, or more accurately, trying to figure out what someone else has done already.  We shall see how it unfolds.  I can’t buy the pattern, so I am just giving it a whirl myself.  I know that’s not the cool thing to do.  The cool thing would be to buy the pattern, but I just can’t.  So I’m challenging myself to learn something about knitting construction to see if I can understand what is being done with the shape.  This is something I can do with sewing, but I have put in lots more time sewing than I have knitting.  Sewing just makes sense to me.  I hope to be able to learn this about knitting too.

I am really trying to like garter stitch, but I just don’t like the way it looks.  Sure, its fun to just knit and knit and knit, but it seems, I don’t know…sort of like cheating to me.  Like only eating the frosting and leaving the cake on the plate for someone else.  I like that with stockinette there is a smooth pretty side.  Garter seems to me to be the wrong side on both sides.  What do you think?  Garter or Stockinette?  Which do you prefer?

Happy Friday Everyone.