In the basket

This will hopefully be the first of a few homemade Christmas presents.  I am knitting with hand dyed roving on size 10 needles.  I love the look of the resulting fabric.  This is to be a felting project and I am crossing my fingers that this works properly.  More details to follow if it does work out as planned.  But for right now, I am really enjoying the changing of the colors.




Soon our Western Maine landscape will be nothing but shades of brown and gray, giving way only to brown and gray and white, and these colors will bring a brightness to drab days.

21 thoughts on “In the basket

  1. Love the color too! My knitting has been limited to squares and rectangles with some decreasing to make an open “envelope shape. These sewn into an envelope type bag with a braided handle then felted are just beautiful. It makes up for the symplicity of them. Add a GREAT BIG old button or some other crafty embellishment. Voila! Christmas presents!

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