To Garter or Not To Garter?

I’m a little late to the (Friday) party everyone.  I’m not really sure about this one, but just a couple of pics of what I’m working on.  I’m just sort of making it up as I go, or more accurately, trying to figure out what someone else has done already.  We shall see how it unfolds.  I can’t buy the pattern, so I am just giving it a whirl myself.  I know that’s not the cool thing to do.  The cool thing would be to buy the pattern, but I just can’t.  So I’m challenging myself to learn something about knitting construction to see if I can understand what is being done with the shape.  This is something I can do with sewing, but I have put in lots more time sewing than I have knitting.  Sewing just makes sense to me.  I hope to be able to learn this about knitting too.

I am really trying to like garter stitch, but I just don’t like the way it looks.  Sure, its fun to just knit and knit and knit, but it seems, I don’t know…sort of like cheating to me.  Like only eating the frosting and leaving the cake on the plate for someone else.  I like that with stockinette there is a smooth pretty side.  Garter seems to me to be the wrong side on both sides.  What do you think?  Garter or Stockinette?  Which do you prefer?

Happy Friday Everyone.



7 thoughts on “To Garter or Not To Garter?

  1. Stockinette! I don’t like the way garter stitch looks on a large project, like a sweater. It is okay on a bag, but for things you wear, I think stockinette is best! Especially with a thick yarn.

  2. I like stockinette but don’t mind garter stitch for interest or edges. I’ve not done a complete garter stitch shawl as I personally don’t care for the look.

  3. I like garter stitch in sock weight yarn but don’t care for it in worsted weight. I don’t care to wear items that are knit in all garter stitch as it adds bulk and everybody that knows me knows I don’t need to add anymore bulk, LOL Good luck with your project and good for you venturing out of your comfort zone.

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