Fattoria Fiberworks is now on ETSY!

For the last 3-4 years I have been wanting to open a shop on etsy.  I have been putting it off and putting it off.  For one reason or another I had been unable to move myself forward into that venue.  For the last 3-4 months, I have been putting a lot of effort into getting my own shop up and running.  And this week, FINALLY, here it is!

The few items that are listed do not seem to me like they could be the culmination of a few months work, but there was a lot of learning that had to happen for me to be able to open that little shop.  I am not the most technically savvy girl, so each step was a big learning curve.  I had lots and lots of questions, and my mother’s friend Judy was a huge help with the behind the scenes work.  Thanks, Judy!

I had such a feeling of accomplishment once I posted my first item for sale.  This had been what I wanted to do for so long, and there it was, out there and ready to go.  Posting the first item definitely took the longest.  Each one after that has gotten easier and easier.

And now there is an outlet for all of this obsessive fiber dyeing that I have done all Summer!  It was definitely more than one (even avid) spinner could hope to spin for the Winter.  I think going forward the drum carder will get a work out!

In the spirit of the coming Fall, and the Halloween season, I have created some ghoulish spinning batts.  There are names like The Raven::Nevermore, Zombie Apocalypse, Ghost in the Machine, Ichabod’s Bane, and Werewolves of London.  I have not yet posted all of these for sale, but am continuing to work to do so.

I intend to have a mix of things for sale, not just spinning fiber, but that will probably be a majority of the items, but some sewing things as well, perhaps a little hand spun yarn, some knitting kits, who knows what else will make it there.

These photos were taken at the Wire Bridge on Tuesday.  The lighting and back ground were perfect for it.  The day itself was really nice too.  It was so bright and sunny, will the fall colors in the back ground.  An auspicious day for working on a long in coming project!

I’m really excited about this project.  I would not have been able to get over my own road blocks without the encouragement of my Mum, and Ug too.  Thanks for your help!

I would love it if all of you Friday crafters wanted to take a look.  If you wanted to provide some feedback or advice of any sort, good bad or otherwise, I would appreciate it very much.  And if you have an etsy shop of your own, it would be great to hear from you too, perhaps what your experiences have been, maybe what you wished you had known when you first started, that sort of thing.  There is a button over there on the right that should take you right to the shop.  Thanks for having a look, and I look forward to any suggestions that will make it even better!

Today is FO Friday with Tamis Amis, and I consider this to indeed be a (finally!) FO.  It is also Fiber Arts Friday at Wonder Why Alpaca Farm, and Creative Friday over at Natural Suburbia.  If you have not been to see what all of these talented folks are up to yet, take a look!  There is some pretty inspired working going on.


17 thoughts on “Fattoria Fiberworks is now on ETSY!

      • I think there is a choice of how you want to be contacted. Through email or cell. I think by accident I put in both. I get a monthly statement through email though.

      • Thank you. I suppose it will be obvious the first time someone buys something, but I didn’t see anything about it anywhere. Thanks! Good luck to you as well.

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