Knitting at The Fair

While we were at TheFair I started working on this hat.  I found the pattern at  Their pattern has a folded up cuff or brim.  I did mine in just a single layer. This yarn is so soft.  I don’t know what it is, as I got it, yep, at the dump.  This was the only time I have found a bag of yarn at the dump.  There were lots of usable bits in that bag.  (Some kind of iffy, but some really nice ones too).  This is really three colors of all similar weights:  a light brown, a darker brown and a purple.  The top is supposed to be striped, but I like the way it just sort of blends together.


I wish I knew what kind of yarn it is because it is soooooo soft.  I have some gray like it too, so when I find something to mix with it, it might be another hat.


I think I’m keeping this one though.  With all of those hats I knit last Christmas, I didn’t even keep one!

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