His and Hers Vests

We are both in serious need of some new clothes.  I made  a vest for Ug , then I made another one.  He likes this one better than the first one.  The first one was “too fancy”.  I think the first one looks really nice on him, but this one really is more his style.

That looks like a stain on it already, but it is just a few drops of water from my hands.

This was two jackets blended together.  The majority of this one is a faux-fur lined light weight leather jacket.  The shoulders and sleeves were too tight, but the jacket was kind of nice, and really warm.  The other jacket was one that I have used parts of for other projects.  It was a nice wool jacket.  The colors go together beautifully.  He really likes this one better.  It looks good with a nice shirt and I think will be warm this fall with a long sleeved pull over shirt.

Then I wanted one of my own, but a bit girlier.  I started with the same method I used for the other two–cut off the sleeves from a wool men’s jacket, then use them to fill in the gaps on the sides. (Really, if any of these jackets fit either one of us, I would not be cutting them up.  They are made of nice wool and I do hate to cut them, but its what we have and might as well be put to use.)  But it did not look finished and professional like I was hoping for.  And too manly still.  As I was wondering what I would use to trim the edges of the arm holes, I spied a basket of silk ties that I have been holding on to for some time now.  I keep trying to throw them out, but just can’t.  Maybe this was why.  I realized that I did not need the wool for inserts in the sides of the vest, but that the ties would be perfect.  I used two ties for this vest.  The wide part at the bottom, then the skinnier part up and around the arm hole and overlaps slightly under the arm.  Just long enough to go all the way around.

I liked the look of the silver buttons better, so I took off the black plastic ones that it came with and swapped them out for something a bit more stylish.

Since women gap where men do not, I added another button higher up the lapel.  This also changes the look and line of the vest a bit.


Check out what everyone else is working on at:




Have a fibery Friday everyone!


11 thoughts on “His and Hers Vests

  1. Want a real up-cycling vest project? I made a few by totally taking old neckties]the uglier the better apart/sewing them together to make a piece of fabric. Then cutting and sewing a vest. I embelished the vest with all of the labels from the ties. Wish I had one left, I’d send it to you. I will put a picture in the mail. It was a pain to take apart all those ties [could be a good “take along” job – a few ties, and a stich ripper] but the vests were great when I got them done. Love your creativity.
    Aunt N

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