The Fair Series: The Market Place

At this fair there is a HUGE market place.  Craftspeople from all over Maine, and I suppose from further afield as well, come to sell their beautiful crafts.  My photos are primarily of textile crafts (of course) but you could choose from a wide variety of items:  honey, soaps, teas, breads and grains milled here in Maine, jewelry, pottery, yarn and spinning fiber, wooden things–spoons, cutting boards, snowshoes, walking sticks.  There was cider, fruits and vegetables in the farmers market, hen houses, hobbit holes, t-shirts, scythes, seeds………I can’t remember everything.  Amazing to look at.  Inspiring for ideas, as well as awe inspiring for all of the work and talent that go into making these wares.  Peoples passions and efforts poured into unique and beautiful items that you could take with you as a remembrance of your trip to the fair.


4 thoughts on “The Fair Series: The Market Place

  1. What are the fabrics in the photo 2nd from bottom made from? The one with the leaves is beautiful. Perhaps another year and we can go. It just sounded like a big trip this year.

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