The Fair Series: Lincoln Locks

Since back here I have been trying to figure out what to do with Lincoln Locks that I dyed.  They take color beautifully, and all of their luster shows through the dye.  I have been a bit apprehensive about spinning with them, as I was not sure whether I should spin directly from the locks, or card them (but then all of their beautiful curl disappears), or just what to do with them.

The answer was, of course, at The Fair.  Here they have been spun into art yarn.  Their curls have been allowed to hang free.  I asked one of the fiber speakers about them as well.  I explained that I am not much of an art yarn fan–it is so pretty but I wouldn’t know what to do with it.  She said she thought the Lincoln Locks spun into art yarn, then the yarn used as trim for mittens or a scarf or something like that would be nice.  Now I can see exactly that in my own mind and cannot wait to spin some of this.

Another booth had this beautiful felted piece:


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