Fiber Fridays!

These are the full results of my dyeing work on Tuesday.  Above, from left to right, Merino, Merino, Romney, Merino.  I was so disappointed with the Merino when it was wet.  It was flat and stringy and just awful looking.  When the Romney was wet it looked just like it does dry, all puffy and happy looking.  Much to my surprise, once they were completely dry, they had plumped back up again to their original lofty softness.

Everytime I dye a batch of wool I learn something about either color or dyeing or the fiber itself.  This time I learned that if you add dye to water and wool that is already hot, the color absorbs immediately, and leaves big white patches.  (See the Merinos.)  If you add the color to the water and the wool and bring the temperature up gradually, the color will absorb more evenly and have better blending areas. (As in the Romneys.)

A big ol’ batch of purple Alpaca.  Perfect for blending in with other fibers when making batts.  This fleece had a lot of VM (vegetable matter) in it.  Most of that will fall out in the carding though.

And some pale blue Alpaca.  I have plans for this.

Check out what everyone else is working on today at:

and at:

Happy Friday Everyone!

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