Where to find the time to dye?


I scheduled some time yesterday to do some dyeing.  Often on a day off from work I feel like I should be doing cleaning/chores/yard work, which of course, I should be, but if I take time out from doing that to do something crafty or creative, I often feel like I don’t enjoy it as much as I should because I know that something else really needs to get done.  I have decided to “schedule” this time for myself.  Then I know that this is what I am supposed to be doing during that time.  And I can look forward to that creative time when I am doing something I have to do.  So I really did enjoy the dyeing more than ever yesterday knowing that was the time for it.



This is not two pictures of the same piece, but two different pieces out of the same dye bath.  I love the pumpkin-y color of it and the uneven uptake of the dye too.



This roving is from a 16 ounce ball of Romney that one of my bosses gave to me.  He and his first wife had sheep, and had roving made from the wool, and this was some he still had.  Very nice of him I thought to just give it to me.  The Romney roving is very soft and unlike the Merino roving that I also dyed, came out of the dye pot just as fluffy and nice as it went in.



I really like this purple and green combination.  I like best the places where the two colors blend together.  I have made this combination before (last photo in the 8/19 post), and it is interesting to me how a different fiber will take up the dye in a completely different way than another fiber.  Same dye combination, different results.  On the Lincoln locks, the color was more of an olive green and eggplant, and on the Romney, the colors are brighter and less blended.



As I just mentioned, I also dyed some Merino roving and a clump of alpaca.  They are still sopping wet though, and look like colorful wet cats.  Once those are dry and look a bit less clumpy, I will post those pics.  I do find something interesting about alpaca is that it really wants more attention when it is in its raw state.  It is not fussy in the handling while dyeing, but to get it to look light and fluffy again, it really needs to be carded.  Once dyed, it seems to look sad and not at all like the beautiful fiber that it is.  It has not felted or anything, but it wants to be pouffed back up again.  What can I say?  We do what the fiber wants.


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