How do you dress an Ug?

(Once upon a time) when Ug and I first met, I used to sew clothes for him.  He really appreciates homemade clothes, and likes them to have a bit of an old-fashioned flare.  For shame for me, I have not sewn him anything in a long time.  He is really hard on clothes.  So I think part of me doesn’t sew for him more because I know they will be well worn, and quickly worn out.  But he looks so nice in them.  So I have started to sew for him again.

My specialty seems to be taking some piece of clothing that is made from nice fabric and turning it into something someone will actually wear.  I made this vest from a suit coat found at the dump or the thrift, or someplace equally cheap/free.  I have a couple of these coats in the sewing room, so I’m not sure where this particular one came from.  The wool on them is so nice, so soft, and so 100% wool.  Not this one, but two of them actually have Harris Tweed labels in them.  Some of you will know what this means.  But who (in my little rural world) wears a suit coat?  And the ones I find will never fit anyone.

I have been looking at these coats for a while now, with evil thoughts of cutting them up.  **GASP**Cutting a Harris Tweed coat?   Yep.

I have figured out that if you cut the sleeves off the jacket, slit them up the inner side, slit the remaining vest up the sides, cut the sleeves into a triangle with the top cut off (you geometry people, what is that called?  tetrahedron-something?), insert said triangley thing into the space in the sides of the jacket, you will get something that looks like this:


Are you with me so far?  Sleeves turn into inserts in the sides.  The fussy work is already done for you–perfect pockets–in a suit coat this means inside pockets too, and a nice lining.  The nicer the coat, the more lining you get. This one only had front lining.  Cheapo’s.  And perfect button holes and buttons.  And a perfect what do you call that in the back?  A vent?


You do have to do some trimming around the arm holes and the neck where you cut the collar off.  Your guy might like a vest with a collar, so you could leave that on.  For the trim you could use  bias tape, but I did not have any that was either wide enough or black, so I made some.  I had a pair of black pants that I have never worn because they have never fit right (draw string which I do not like, but someone gave them to me), so I cut them into long strips for bias tape.  this jacket’s pockets have flaps, but those looked kind of silly.  Just tuck them in.  No one will ever know.



A couple of shirts have been requested too.  Those have to be made from scratch.  Pattern and pinning and cutting.  I like making it up as I go along better, but that doesn’t really work with shirts, so I will follow directions for those.  I really like this vest.  I think I will make myself one, but I will girlie it up a bit for me.  Perfect for fall, I think, for either a guy or girl.  A t-shirt, jeans and a vest.  Dressy or casual.   Lets hope Ug keeps this one nice for a  little while at least!

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