In my lunchbox today

Pizza doesn’t have to be a cheesy, saucy, meaty thing.  It’s yummy when it is, but it can be something else entirely.  This morning I was wondering what I was going to pack for lunch at work today.  In the fridge there were some left over veggies in various states of raw-cooked-going wiggly.  And a pizza dough that was puffing way up and needed cooking.

Cooked winter squash, half a sweet potato thinly sliced, half of a zucchini, half of an onion, one small overly ripe tomato.  A bit of olive oil, some seasonings, a sprinkle of parmesan (there was no other cheese in the fridge, or I might have used something else too).



It smells amazing cooking.  After:

I will bring the whole thing to work to share with the girls there. It beats the heck out of a squished pb&j!

6 thoughts on “In my lunchbox today

  1. Yum! Pizza is good no matter what the ingredients. I love the idea of using winter squash. I happen to have one left from last winter. It’s giant, and it’s only me at home to eat it, so I need to be creative and REALLY EAT SQUASH when I finally open it.

    • I just put a pan in the oven with all the same veggies and added a couple of red potatoes sliced up thin to be veggie scalloped potatoes. A bit early in the day for a baked dish, but I’m starving, so it might be lunch and dinner too.

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