Rolling, rolling, rolling….

Everyday this week (well, Tuesday was day 5) Ug and I have been riding our bikes.  The first day we did not go very far.  The second day we went a little further, then a bit further, then a bit more.  Tuesday we put the bikes in the van and went to Carrabassett to the Narrow Gauge Pathway.  This is a series of paths meant for all sorts of uses–biking, hiking, skiing, whatever, all seasons, but non motorized.  It runs parallel to Route 27, but on the other side of the river.  We have wanted to get onto it for a while, and today was the day.

We did come across an ATV trail that crossed the pathway, and part of the access road was also a logging road, which we did not know when we started (we had to stay out of the way of a logging truck), which is a bit sketchy given that the road is only one lane wide with a river on the other side.  But we have figured out a different area to park and ride so next time we can bypass the logging trucks in the woods.  I will say though, the driver of the truck was going quite slow and was watching out for people in the way.

A rather low Carrabassett River.  It’s been a dry Summer here.

Remember the pack basket?  It came along today too.

Yes, there was knitting in that pack.  You never know when you will be stranded in the woods with nothing to do.

A really nice place to ride, and a nice day too.  We figure that we rode about 2 miles today. For other people that might be a warm up, but for us it was the furthest yet.  And each day we go gets easier.  We did leave the water bottle behind on that rock though.  But given where we are, I bet it will be right there when we go again.


4 thoughts on “Rolling, rolling, rolling….

  1. You live in one of the most beautiful parts of the state and I hope that you only have to share it with an occasional logging truck and not the likes of things here.

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