Traditional Scottish Dyes

A very big thank you today to Marija.  Marija is a friend and neighbor of my mother’s.  She has very generously sent this book to me.  I’m really excited to start collecting some of the dye plants and try out the methods outlined.


I have another book on using natural materials for dyeing fiber, but that books treatment of mordants (the fixative that binds the color to the wool) is somewhat confusing and I have never been able to decipher their system.  This book is very clear about mordants, amounts of plant materials vs. amounts of wool being dyed.

Several of the plants listed in this book are known to me and grow in our area, so I will have some fun collecting plants and flowers before fall really hits.  I am especially interested in the different lichens mentioned.  We have a surprising amount of lichen growing around here.  By the sides of the road are really pretty clumps of them.  How nice to give a different meaning to restocking my dye box!  A walk in the woods instead of a walk through Walmart.

Thanks again Marija!  I am going to be sending her some yarn.  She says she does not knit but does crochet, so hopefully I’ll pick a nice color for her.  If you do any dyeing, I think this book would be a nice addition to your library.  It was published in 1983 and reprinted through 1988, and there are still copies available on line.


4 thoughts on “Traditional Scottish Dyes

  1. I think that the lichens and other plants will make for wonderful colors and can’t wait to see them and, perhaps, even work with them.

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