Flagstaff hat

I’ve been working on a hat for the last week or so for a friend of ours.  I finished it at the lake.  The yarn is handspun, 50% wool and 50% alpaca.  I ended with only about 10 yards or so left, so pretty good on the yardage estimation.  If I was more patient, I would have taken out all of the decrease rows and figured out how many more rows I could knit with the remaining yarn to use of all of it in the hat.  But I didn’t.  It fits Ug, so it should fit his friend.

The colors blended right in to the drift wood stump I photographed it on, as did a piece of birch bark that was on the beach too.   It is really soft and stretchy and I hope will be really warm.  The cables were fun to knit too, and broke up the brim part of the hat.  The pattern calls for only half of the number of cables shown here, but I didn’t do that.  I increased a couple of times in the first few rows, then improvised the in between sets of cables.

A note about gauge:  Mostly a note for myself.  I never do a gauge swatch.  I always think it will be a waste of time.  What is really a waste of time though, is the 3 or 4 times I have to start something, pull it out, find new needles, do it again, pull it out, adjust the number of stitches, pull it out…..Why don’t I just gauge?  I started this hat 4 times.  4 Times.  I could have knit the whole hat already.  Why don’t I listen to my mother?

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