A day at the lake

We loaded up the Jeep this morning and headed to the lake.  Flagstaff.  Our favorite summer hang out.  Events conspired against us last year and we never made it up there even once.  This summer was starting to look the same, but today was the day.

I don’t know how other people do it, but this is how we prepare and pack for an afternoon at the lake:

It doesn’t look that bad from this angle, but what you can’t really see is a cooler packed (PACKED) for two people for lunch,  I had 5 bags–one for dry clothes and a towel (not bad right) one for knitting and spinning, one for another project I worked on and will show next time, one with two books (really good of me I thought to only bring two books this time) and a notebook, and one was my purse/junk bag.  Ug only had one bag–his “Flagstaff Bag”  this is a back pack that he keeps filled only with books, maps, articles, etc about Flagstaff.  Historical stuff.  Just in case someone should ask if we know anything about the history of the lake.  Boy, do we.

We could have stayed overnight for three days with what we brought.  But that’s how we do it.  You should see it when we go camping.  Oh, and two wacky noodles for bobbing around in the water with and two sled thingys we were trying to see if they floated (they do, but not with us on them).  And two oars.  You never know.

I think most people could pack a pb&j and a towel and call it a day.  That’s not how we roll.

 Where we go to swim is really a boat launch kind of place.  There’s a covered picnic table and a good place to get into the water.  There was a truck there with a boat trailer there when we got there.  We come here because there is hardly ever anyone else there to swim.  Usually just people putting kayaks or boats in and out of the water.


Just two of the residents of the beach:


That spider was three inches long from toe to toe.  Creepy.




On the way home we stopped, turned around for this shot.  One of Ug’s favorite views:




This is my most favorite place in my world.  As you travel up over the mountain, you can feel a lightening of spirit.  As I look around, the views just feel good to my eyes.  This is where we would live if we could.  Tons and tons of land, trees and mountains and very few people.  Not even many camps. Mostly old logging roads.  Just perfect.



4 thoughts on “A day at the lake

  1. Looks like a gorgeous place on the planet to spend time. That spider is pretty creepy, though, and spiders don’t usually creep me out.

  2. A MOST beautiful place it is. I wonder if Wells was EVER like that? Perhaps in the 1600’s but not after that. I’m glad you two got to spend such a wonderful day in such a wonderful place.

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