Fall(ing) Oranges


I recently participated in a fiber swap swap on ravelry.  Included with the yarns that I received was a skein of Lamb’s Pride orange wool.  While it is really way too hot here this week to think about Fall or knitting with wool, I did anyway.  I knitted a kerchief for my dog Sadie.  This one will go over her collar–or actually her collar with go through it.  I think this way she won’t lose it.  Seems like we have to buy new bandanas every year because the dogs lose them.  I’m sure this one will not be in great shape by the time Fall and hunting season are overwith, but at least it will stay put.


Check out what everyone else is working on today at:

http://wonderwhyalpacafarm.blogspot.com/ and http://www.naturalsuburbia.com/


8 thoughts on “Fall(ing) Oranges

  1. I love it! Sadie……fashion diva!
    Pictures please, when Sadie first wears her new “orange-dana.”
    OMG….you and your Mom are so clever!

  2. It’s awesome! I should make them for Maggie & Peanut. I have that horrible variegated from the Dobby hat-no self-respecting hunter would think THAT was being worn by a deer!! May be I’ll try it. Glad for you post-as usual.

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