New Wheels

Two sets of new wheels from the dump.



The bike works great!  Gears shift and everything.  A  nice feature in a bicycle.  The tires need a bit more air, but that’s no biggie.

Hey, how’s the Tour de Fleece coming, anyway?  Glad you asked.  Since the whole Tour de France is over, so should the spinning be.  Well, let’s just say I am continuing my Tour de Fleece spinning into the Olympics.  I got a bit stalled with the whole working with wool while it was 90′ and horribly humid.  So we will segue right into the Olympics and keep on spinning.  Is that allowed?  Oh well.  Also, I seem to have an issue with doing something because I have to get it done.  (Mum, I can hear you laughing.  Stoppit.)   I can do other things if they need to be done, but I found that during the Tour de Fleece, I stubbornly did not want to spin simply because I had too get it done.  It turned my nice, quiet, relaxing hobby into one more thing that I was trying to get through.  I didn’t like that.  Because once I told myself I had to get through it, I dug my heels in and decided I didn’t want to.  Spinning should not be about have to.  So we will see what we will see and not try to force anything to get done.



One thought on “New Wheels

  1. Yeah, I can see those dug in heels! But don’t make it a HAVE to, you love it too much for that. Let it be for a bit and come back to it, because you could lose the feeling for it if you push it.

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