Basket Case

Today’s project was to find straps for my new pack basket.  The basket came to me via the “transfer station” aka dump–like so many of the things that I own.  It came with red webbing straps, but some part of the strapping was missing.  And I am not that crazy about red nylon webbing anyway.  So I cut it off.  The solution?  Belts from the thrift store.  I brought a piece of the webbing with me today so that I would get the size right.  The bottom has slots in it that the belts would have to go through.  It was the third thrift that we looked in that I found them.  The first two wanted $2 or more per belt.  Seriously?  At the thrift store?  No.  The third had them for 50 cents each.  In my mind, that is much more like it.  If the third did not have them for cheap, I would have waited for them to turn up at the dump.  So this whole project was a $2 investment–4 belts.

The basket itself is not huge, the base of it measures 9″ by 7″, and it is 13″ tall.  It is about the size of a regular school-type back pack.



It might not look like those straps are going to hold anything in the pack, but they are wedged in there pretty tightly.  It is the buckles that are holding the belts in through the slots in the bottom.  This big belt around the top is so pretty, I think it makes the whole thing.  It is also on their pretty tightly, so helps to hold all of the other belts in place.


I’m not sure what I was thinking at the thrift store.  I guess I thought these were all brown belts.  Turns out the one on the front is black.  Must have been the heat getting to me today!  I will look out for another one (brown) to replace it with.  Since none of these belts are permanently attached to the basket, the whole arrangement can be changed if I find something I like better.


I’m pretty pleased with this project.  It went together better than I thought it would.  I thought there would be some  difficulty about connecting the belts to the basket, Like some awkward sewing needed or something, but it seems that the basket took care of that due solely to its own basket-y nature.

If your local transfer station does not have a recycle room, or shed for stuff that is still good but not ready for the trash, I would urge you to ask about setting one up.  Just a small out building is all that is needed to keep stuff dry and out of the weather.  So much stuff goes through the one in Carrabassett, and to a lesser degree through the one in Kingfield. So much good, useful stuff that is just not wanted by the previous owner, but that is just the thing that the next person needs.  Why not use all of this stuff that we create and buy at least one more time before it goes into a land fill or gets burned up into the atmosphere?


14 thoughts on “Basket Case

  1. Hi, Let me be the first to tell you that your basket with the lovely belts is just so NEAT! And that you have a gift for turning such nice recycled objects out of things people throw out. I’m still enjoying your blog. As ever, Auntie V

  2. That’s an awesome basket! I don’t know that I would have thought of belts. The way they dressed up your basket is really nice. Thank you for sharing your ingenuity.

  3. Love the basket too. Now about the garlic, I had a craft booth one summer in a farmers market in Wisconsin. One of the produce booths sold the garlic tops every year and she would sell out quickly. I bought some but I can’t remember how she reccomended cooking them. But I do remember they were really good!

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