Tour de Fleece Update

Just a quick update this morning on the Tour de Fleece projects.  This is what I started with for projects to get through.  The white fleece on the left is not meant to be spun for this goal, just washed, so that’s not so daunting as it looks.

But boy, there is nothing like a pile of spinning to get through to make you want to knit.  The Squirrel Socks are getting their acorns now.  I am afraid that the socks might be a bit too big.  I can see the appeal now of working from the toe up so that you can easily try them on as you go.  The acorns are fun though.  I’m thinking about a hat to follow with the squirrels and acorns following each other in a band around the hat.  But not until the spinning is done.  I still have the blue in the middle and the mohair in the lower right corner to spin.

I did finish the Roasted Chestnut yarn, and those are labeled.  This is really a first attempt too at labeling a yarn as soon as it is done.  I always think I will remember fiber content later on, don’t label anything, then can’t remember what it is.

It is soooooo hot here again today.  The internet was up and down yesterday.  People are saying solar flares are the cause of it?  Is that true?  Odd.  So we are off to find something cool to do today.  Happy Sunday Everyone.


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