How do you organize your projects?

I have been trying to  be a bit more organized about my whole fiber thing lately.  The patterns, notes, charted stuff, seems to get scattered all around the house as I am working on something.  I am trying really hard to overcome this tendency.  I have bits of junk everywhere, and I would so seriously like to be one of those people who is well organized, knows where stuff is, one of those people whose house you walk into and see order and tidyness.  This really is not me, but I am trying.  And really, if it weren’t for the knitting and spinning and all the books, my house would be fairly empty.  Well, except for the laundry.  But that is never ending.  Anyway…

For the knitting projects, I have made two three-ring binders.  One is marked WIP (works in progress) and the other is FO (finished objects).  The idea being that the WIP is the stuff  I am actually working on, patterns, charts, notes, etc, and once I am done with a project, all of those notes get moved into the FO binder.  So many of the things we make as knitters are given away, that it would be nice to have some sort of record of what was actually completed.  So the WIP binder should only have 2-3 projects in it at any one time, while the FO binder should (theoretically) be filling up with accomplishments.

I thought I would just share with you my notes for the Squirrel Socks.

The original pattern, as printed from my library in ravelry.  We can at least pretend that we are going to follow the instructions as written, can’t we?

A couple of photos from the projects in ravelry as a reference to pattern and stripe placement.  And a copy of just the squirrel charts for easier reading.

The yellow squirrels is another copy of the chart, but the one I actually used and marked up as I completed each row.  I had a hard time concentrating when I was doing the squirrels, and really did need to mark off row by row as I finished them.  On the right are the instructions for doing the heel that my Mum so cleverly wrote out and e-mailed to me.  Thanks Mum!  This pattern is for working toe up.  I didn’t do that, I did cuff down, so I needed to be able to work the heel top down.  Isn’t she smart?  If you get stuck, e mail her, and she will help you out.  She’s a whiz at this stuff.  If that were a 267 stitch sock, I bet she could figure that out too.

And this is the charted acorns that I worked out.  On the left if the copy on stiff paper that I will keep as a future reference, should I ever desperately need charted acorns as calculated for a 64 stitch design again, and on the right is the flimsy one that I will mark up like the one above of the squirrels.

So this is what I have come up with to keep things organized.  Today when I left the house I was able to grab the project bag and the notebook and throw them in my bag, knowing that I had everything I needed to keep going on the socks.  As it happens, I am only just starting the acorns, but in case I had extra time, it would have been ready to go.  Or should some one have stopped me and asked for my advice on their own squirrel socks, I would have had all of my notes handy.  And a yellow colored pencil too.

Even as I write this I realize just how geeky I am.  First of all, I have a big supply of three-ring binders.  (I find them at the dump in big bunches–really nice hardly used, maybe new binders)  I love all things notebook-y and paper-ish.  Always have.  Since I was little.  And second of all, why do I need to keep the marked up notes and highlighted scraps?  I don’t think history will really care about my squirrel chart.  But it makes such sense in my nerdly mind to keep it all together.

So my question to you all today is, How do you organize the patterns and notes and charts that go along with a knitting project?

It’s Friday, so you know what that means:

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12 thoughts on “How do you organize your projects?

  1. As a Virgo I truly admire your organizational skills! I also have a bit of an “office supply” addiction. It’s ok though, office supplies come in really handy when you’re a fiber addict. Thanks for sharing your method. I love those squirrel socks.

  2. You seem really organised. I have one folder where I keep everything. Printouts from ravelry, old patterns, etc. It is getting a bit full. But stuff I am working on I always write the first version in an old notepad. If it works fairly well I type it up, and then work from that printout, revising and adapting until I have a final version. I find it reassuring to have a typed version, even if I know it is going to get changed a lot. I’m working on a pattern at the moment, but keep thinking I’ll knit just one more to check there are no mistakes.

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