Frosty Fruity Yumness

I really love the icy-ness of slushies. Like the kind you get at the gas station.  But I don’t love how sweet they are, or the chemical weirdness of the flavors.  And you could really dye some yarn with the colors they put in them.

This morning I was looking at the half of watermelon that is in the fridge–really, I have been eating this thing for a week now and there was still half–and a mango going punky, and I knew there were blueberries in the freezer.  So I scooped out some melon and cut up the mango and put them on a pan in the freezer.  This afternoon, whizzo with the hand held blender, and I have the best slushie ever.  EVER.

I did add two packets of artificial sweetner.  I wanted this to be a bit sweet, but not too sugary.  The seltzer gave enough liquid for the blender to work, and a bit of a zing when you drink it.

No fat, very low calorie, no added sugar, only frothy, icy, yumness.  And enough frozen fruit for another one tomorrow.  Oh the possibilities….Happy Summer!


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