Tour de Fleece

You probably know that the Tour de France is going on now.  But if you aren’t a spinner, you probably don’t know that the Tour de Fleece is happening now too.  You’re not a spinner?  Why not?  You can’t knit all the time, you know.

What the heck is the Tour de Fleece?  For the past few years I have been wondering this too.  So this year, when it came round again, I did a little research.  From what I can gather, in the spinning world July is the month to set a goal of how much fiber you are going to work through, and work like mad to reach that goal.  People seem to work in teams, or sometimes alone.  It is probably more fun in a team, but I don’t have one, so I am a team of one!  I am starting this a bit late in the game, so I am having a one week handicap.  This event runs parallel to the Tour de France.  (Bicycle wheels, spinning wheels, get it?)  I’m sure there is more to it, but this is what I have come up with.

So I have set myself a few different goals.  I have three spinning projects going right now:

Silver Lining roving.  I spun two skeins of this already.  But I loved it so much that I made more of the batt.  I love this color.

Look at the shine on this yarn (below).  This is the Kid Mohair that I dyed.  This is not due to the photography.  This is how it looks in real life.

This is a wool and alpaca roving that I blended on the drum carder.  There is not a lot of this, but I thought it would make nice mittens.

I want to finish my squirrel socks (man, they are taking me forever).  I know this is not spinning, but I just want to finish them:

And I want to get my Lincoln fleece washed:

By the end of July.  We’ll see!

Happy Creative Fiber Arts Friday Everyone!

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