In the last couple of days I dyed a few skeins of wool.  These were a tan or light brown wool that I got at the Fiber Frolic this year.  I got 6 skeins, 240 yards each, of a very fine, fingering weight maybe, 100% wool. They were $1 each.  If there had been more, I would have gotten them.  I am not exactly a lover of light brown yarn, but I knew they would dye well.

These two skeins are going into the yarn/fiber swap box that I am working on.  What I wanted to talk about today was how re-skeining can change how a color looks in your yarn.

The yarn on the left is just how I dyed it.  They were both dyed the same way, at the same time.  The yarn on the left is about a one yard skein, and the one on the right has been rewound into a two-yard skein. (My yarn yarn swift is adjustable, and the biggest setting makes a two-yard skein.)

I was not really thrilled with the color these skeins came out when left in their original form. But once I re-skeined them, the colors are more suitably distributed and I think it gives a better idea of how the whole skein will work out.  This is not changing the colors of the yarn, but moving them around and giving a better distribution, and perhaps they will knit up this way as well.

I find the colors more pleasing now when I see them in the skein on the right, rather than pools of color in the one on the left.  This might be good to think about if buying a multi-colored yarn.  It might not look great when you pick it up, but if you move those colors around a bit, the perspective changes.

Have a fun Sunday everyone.


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