The Clay Bank

Yesterday afternoon we went to a place that everyone knows as The Clay Bank.  Alan has been coming here since he was a kid.  Off a dirt road, down a little grassy road that you will miss if you are not paying attention is a turn out that leads to a foot path that goes straight down, and steeply so.  In this picture I am standing at the top of the path and Ug is almost at the bottom:

Just to the right of that path the hill drops straight down to a little stream.  Where the path lets out is really a little bend in the stream.  It is a clear, cold, swift running shallow stream. But in this one corner of it, the bottom is all clay, as is the whole wall of hill behind it.  The water flows right out of the clay and into the stream.  He brought gallon jugs to collect the water.  Someone, long ago, has actually driven a piece of plastic tubing into the side of the bank and the water runs out of it like the faucet was left on full blast.

This is one happy dog.  She is the only Lab that I have ever met that does not like water, no swimming, and is afraid of the garden hose.  But here she took off down the hill ahead of us and was splashing around in the stream before we could get down there.  It was like she suddenly realized that Labs like to swim.  Remember that she got sprayed by a skunk on Wednesday?  Well, that smell was sort of fading, but boy, after a romp in the stream it was all wet dog and skunk all over again.  She seemed pretty pleased with herself.

This is a bit of the clay wall where the water comes out.

The clay bank rises really high off the back:

Of course I took some knitting and spinning with me.  The squirrel socks are ready to have their heels put on.

There were all sorts of gnome homes in and around the banks and the roots of the trees:

Some spinning too:

This is some wool that I dyed a long time ago with kool aid.  The colors are really bright.  Great for a sunny day on the road.  There is some sort of instinct in me that does not like to leave the house for some adventure, or even just for a trip to town without some knitting or spinning.  I think some part of me thinks “What if I have a half hour with nothing to do?  Then what?”  Then I get all antsy and think I should be working on a project.  Ug has stopped making fun of me for this.  When we are getting ready to leave he will ask “Who’s driving?”  And I usually say, “Well, I can drive, but you’re going to have to do the knitting”.  So then he drives.  But I really like to have some kind of fiber project when we go someplace like this.  It just seems natural and fitting.  I suppose a sketch book would be more fitting, but I really can’t draw.

The water was about this high (about ankle deep):

I walked around in it with my shoes on.  I had a sturdy stick for stability too.

We had such a nice time down there.  You could really feel the good energy and we did in fact hear some hobbits running through the woods. I don’t think they liked us in their spot on a Sunday afternoon.

The climb up and down the steep path really did a number on our ankles though.  I can’t speak for Ug, but I think it was worth it.


One thought on “The Clay Bank

  1. Wonderful way to spend a beautiful day. Sadie looked really happy! And to think that places like this are right under our noses and when we find them they give us such pleasure and we don’t have to share with paying customers!

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