Sunny Sunday

Looks like Ally B will be getting the hand loom!  If you send me an address at fattoriafiberwork (at) hotmail (dot) com I will send it right out to you.  Have fun with it!

This morning I was feeling kind of crafty, but not able to spin or knit, so I made a new batt for spinning.  I’m not sure what to call it yet.  I will have to look at it for a while.

It is a nice mix of dark and medium brown wool, light brown alpaca, white Henry angora, and a little bit of dyed red wool.  Hand pulled into roving.  3 3/8 oz of it.

There were a few of those crazy long guard hairs in it from the alpaca, but I pulled them out after the pic.

The weather could not be more beautiful here today, sunny, 63′, not humid and a soft breeze blowing.  I’m off to enjoy it.  Super Sunday to you!

One thought on “Sunny Sunday

  1. Super Sunday to you too. I, also, am on my way outside to plant 3 pkgs of lavender seeds. I hope that they do well and I can get a bunch to dry and use for therapy pillows.

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