Pot Holder Loom Giveaway

A while ago I offered to give away one of my hand looms, here, but no one seemed to want it then.  I thought I would try again today.  They are fun little looms that make squares used for pot holders.  Or you could make a bunch of the squares, sew them together and use them for other projects.  I just don’t need two of them.

The one that I would be giving away is the one with the cardboard label on it.  If anyone would like it, leave a comment here or e mail me at fattoriafiberworks@gmail.com.  I will mail it to you.

Have a fun Creative Fiber Friday everyone!

I’m participating in Natural Suburbia’s Creative Friday and Wonder Why Gal’s Fiber Friday.

5 thoughts on “Pot Holder Loom Giveaway

  1. I fixed your blog link on Fiber Arts Friday. You have been linking in with a post you had from May which might be why no one has visited. I should have caught it last week but I was looking at it from my phone. I learned how to weave on one of those looms back when I was about 10 years ago. Who knew I’d own two full size looms now.

    • Thanks very much for bringing that to my attention. Everytime I go to link with you, it pre-populates my address, so all this time I guess it was just that first one? Thank you, I’m new to this blog stuff.

  2. Hello! I am still using pot holders my kids (now 34 & 32) made on a metal loom similar to that one. It would be super fun to make some handspun coaster with a little loom. Count me in!

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