Squirrel WIP


Means this:

I am finally through both tops of socks.  These squirrels had me chasing my own tail for a while there.  Last night I was able to sit down and work through the rest of the chart.  Now on to the stripes.

I think I would like doing socks this way in the future.  Right now I have half of one sock and a quarter of the other.  Working through the socks in blocks like this means that when I am done I will have two socks, and not one complete sock and a one quarter of a sock that I may or may not finish.  When I’m done I’m done, not starting all over to do the same sock again.

I do feel like it will go faster now that I have gotten through the pesky squirrels.  I just have to figure out a pattern for the acorns, but I have stripes and tow heels to get through before I need an acorn pattern.  Plenty of time to plan that.

Happy Monday!  This is our third day in a row of beautiful sunshine.  Finally!


2 thoughts on “Squirrel WIP

  1. That seems to be a great way of doing socks – less chance of falling victim to the second-sock-syndrome.
    The squirrels are really cute and certainly worth the effort you put into them.

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