Blue Skies At Last

The sun finally came out today.  Blue skies all around.  Boy, I’ve really missed it.  I have just finished up a few days off from work, which was really nice to have, the fair was great to go to, and the time to be at home was so nice, but it just rained and rained the whole time.  My intention was to get the garden well underway, to get the house in some kind of order so that I could be in the garden more, to go to the fair, and to just muck around the yard.  But it just got wetter and wetter as the days went by.  Yes, I probably could have taken advantage of the time inside to get the house in tip top shape, but I really just kept finding myself knitting or spinning with no motivation to get chores done.

But this afternoon, we finally saw the blue sky.  We took a ride around the neighborhood after I mowed a little bit of the lawn.  This is what we saw:

This is Black Hill, about a mile from my house.  This is the view from the kite flying field.

A very happy Sadie.  This is just after she finished rolling around in the grass, which was just after I put on her tick medicine.  So I’m sure she rubbed it all off.  Way to go Sadie.  Look how pleased she is to have gotten rid of it.  You know, if they made that stuff smell like dead something or other instead of like oranges, I bet a dog would want to leave it on.

We tried to fly kites today.  This is something we love to do.  I have a back pack with various kite stuff in it, kites for all winds, stuff to repair them with, different tails that I have made, extra string, duct tape, etc.  We usually just chuck that in the car for the summer.  You never know when you will be somewhere and find yourself in a great kite wind.  Last year we each got a new nylon kite (we usually just use the cheap plastic ones –$1.99 each–because when you lose one to the trees it is no big deal–and trust me, Ug has lost many, many to the trees) but we had not tried them out yet.  Today was not the day either. You need a bigger wind than we got today for them.

There was wind, but it was not committed to winding.  Sort of gusty and tentative.  This guy was up but only for a few minutes.  While we were out in the field behind the little school (our “kite field”) I thought of a few general rules about kite flying:

1)  If there are too many bugs out, there is not enough wind.  A good kite wind will keep the bugs away.

2)  If you have to run with your kite, there is not enough wind.  We do not run with kites.

3)  The wind will pick up as soon as you put your kite bag and all of your junk back in the car.

4)  Kites and canoes do not mix.  Ask Ug about his 4 hour trip paddling back down the lake about this one.

This is the most Lady Slippers I have ever seen in one place.  We only saw these because we were looking at a camp that a friend of ours bought last year, but does not seem to be doing anything with.  I fell in love with the camp.  It would be perfect for a girl and her dog and her knitting.

I have a couple of humming birds that hang out in my yard.  I think this is the Mrs. because she is kind of drab colored.  The Mr. is very bright red and green.  The picture is odd because I had to enlarge it enough for you to see her.  She was mad because I was mowing and she was wanting her dinner at the feeder.

Leaving my house, over the bridge we looked over the river was a rainbow.  So pretty.   It lasted for several minutes.

Lillies of the Valley, with a few chive flowers.  The Lillies of the Valley did not like being in the same bouquet with the chives–too stinky–so they had to be separated when they came in the house.

What a pretty afternoon.  Seems like we have earned it after such a long dreary stretch.

3 thoughts on “Blue Skies At Last

  1. You live in a very beautiful and serene place with no rushing traffic nor people who really should be somewhere else.

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