Silver Lining

I have come back from the Fiber Frolic just so damned inspired.

This color combination has been in my head since Saturday night when I loaded up the couch with lots of new fibers and lots of old/in stash fibers too.   I am calling it Silver Lining since it has done nothing but rain here for months and months.  Or days and days, but a long time, anyway.

The ingredients:  Gray, light blue and dark blue are wool, lavender is alpaca (not dyed by me), white is Henry angora, and the sparkly is firestar.

This white is so white.  Henry has produced at least four ounces of fiber in the past year.  Not bad considering he is a small bunny.  It is so soft and fluffy.  This container is an 11 ounce salad box.  The angora is really well packed into it.  I did weight it though, and a bit more than four ounces.  Great job Henry!

See how much the angora fluffs up?

This is the order in which they are going onto the drum carder.  This is a total of about four ounces with all of the colors combined.  My drum carder barely fits four ounces on it at one time.  I don’t like to cram that much on it though.  So what I usually do is two two ounce batts, then mix them back together.  So I make two batts, split them in half (or in quarters in this case), then put them back together, half of each batt.  That way you do not have to make two batts that are exactly the same.  You really couldn’t get them just even anyway.

This might explain that better.  The strips in the back are one two ounce batt, split into four pieces.  The batt in the front is also two ounces, but not split yet.  The batt in the front is pretty much the same as the one in the back, but the back is gray side up and the one in the front is pink side up.  If I flipped the pink one over, it would look like the ones in the back.

And just to give an idea of what Henry has done this year, these two batts are four ounces of fiber, this is how much of the white fluff that Henry made.  It really is a lot of fiber once you spread it out.  Clever bunny, isn’t he?

Alternated strips:

Then I put two strips together and sent them back through the drum carder to more thoroughly mix the colors.  I did not want them really well mixed, but I think if spun after only one pass through the carder, it would have been more of a barber pole effect than a blended effect.

Then hand pulled the batts into balls of roving.  Each time you spread it out further, either by pulling it into roving, or spinning it into yarn, the color gets a bit lighter.  Notice how the dark blue from the original batt has just melted together with the other colors?  Bits of it here and there, but it does not really stand out as “dark blue”.  The same with the white, it just sort of tones down everything and blends in.

I cannot tell you how much I love this color.  I LOVE this color.  And it is so soft with the addition of the angora.  Out of the four ounces of fiber, only one quarter ounce is angora, and it is so so so soft.

I started spinning this right away, and I love this color so much that I made another batch (of batt) before I used up the ingredients for something else.

I just love this color.  And try not to notice that my spool is glued together so badly.  I just don’t look at it.  =)

Happy Monday.  I have more spinning to do now.


4 thoughts on “Silver Lining

  1. “I” love that color as well. It is BEAUTIFUL. Henry did do a great job. It shows that he is happy and healthy and on a good diet. Great job Henry! (You, too, Bec). That will make a beautiful shawl or whatever.

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