Solar Dyeing on Creative Fiber Fridays

I found mixed results with my solar dyeing project today.  I left them to sit all day in their respective jars, red, purple and pink.  Before you gasp at the pink, no, it is not really pink.  It was really pink to start with, but REALLY pink.  Like Barbie pink.  I didn’t like it, so I added some brown and some blue.  What I thought would be the worst of the bunch is actually my favorite.  It is sort of a mushroomy pinkish green.   The red is sort of a flat red and the purple is really brilliant.

The red set by itself, just with the sunlight.  But I think it was not hot enough today to set the other two.  There was still quite a lot of dye left in the water, so I brought them inside and simmered them in a pot for about a half hour each.

I will definitely try this again though.  And maybe with some unspun fiber and a bigger range of colors.  It was fun to keep looking at it as it perked away in the driveway.  And I do not intend to use these colors all together.  They just sort of clash don’t they?  Unless the red gets an overdye of another color, then it might go together.  Another day.  I am done for today!

Tomorrow is the Fiber Frolic!  See you  there!



3 thoughts on “Solar Dyeing on Creative Fiber Fridays

  1. Very cool stuff! One thing you could try next time is dyeing your singles and then plying them for some different color effects.

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