Creative Fiber Friday

Here we go again!  The magical dye box has appeared on the counter.  Oh nooo……..

Inspired by this bright sunny Friday, by the lupines yesterday and by Creative Fridays on and by Fiber Arts Fridays on I thought I would mix it all together and try some solar dyeing.

The yarn is an oatmeal colored wool from a cone that I got I don’t know where, but some mill end or other.  This is the same wool that I am using in the squirrel socks.  But there is plenty left for the socks, don’t worry.

There wasn’t much vinegar left in the jug, maybe  a cup, so that was divided between three gallon jars.

The colors are meant to be purple in the back, red on the left and pink on the right.  But the pink and red are looking suspiciously similar.  I did add some brown to all three jars to tone down the candy colors a bit.

My work is done, now we just wait for the sun to do its thing!  Come back later to see what has happened in the jars.  Have a creative Friday everyone.

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