Thunderstorm Tuesday

I woke up this morning to the sound of a thunderstorm.  And there is another one brewing right now, so I am hurrying to get this post done so I can turn off my computer before it gets any closer.  It really didn’t hurt my feelings that it rained all day though.  I did something unfortunate to my ankle on Sunday, then had to work on it yesterday (ouchy) and today it is still swollen and sore.  So a day of yard work was definitely not in the forecast for me today.

I did some sewing today.  Instead of house work which might have been more appropriate and definitely more pressing than making more bags.  Since I did not keep any of the last batch of  project bags, I made two for myself today.  One is smaller than the other.  Just right for a small project, socks or mittens or something.  And can easily be chucked into a tote bag to take with.

Remember these guys?  Still working on them.

And another one that is bigger.   The handles are neck ties.  I thought that was funny.  The bottom is denim from a skirt that I got at the thrift but never wore.

I like the curved opening.  I have never done a big bag with an opening like that.  The zipper was a bugger to put in.  I did it last, and I know better than that.  But to have done it first would have meant a hole that would have had to have been sewn by hand afterwards (for ease of turning).  I like how the top sort of clam shells open.  The bag does not stand up by itself empty, but with knitting in it it does.

I see you trying to peek at that project in there.  Don’t look.  Some of you might recognize it though, as it is a popular project on Ravelry right now.  Here’s a hint:  There are 22 of those squares.  No, I can’t tell you any more yet.  Lets see how it comes out first.

And these look like project bags but they aren’t.  Actually I started with these today.  Appropriate considering my swollen ankle.

They are for holding ice packs.  You could either use them for bumps and bruises (and swellings) or to tuck into your lunch box to keep your lunch cold.  The bags are washable.

And this pink thing that I have been taking the pictures on is a cover for a comforter.  Someone gave me a comforter last year, (yes, LAST YEAR, and I am just getting around to re-covering it now, I’ve been busy) which is really warm and light weight, but sadly is light blue with white geese with yellow bows.  Oh The Horror.  I have been making my bed with it underneath my pink down comforter, pretending its not there.  But it is there.  So today I finally got around to making it prettier.  I had pink and a white flat sheets that were almost the same size, so I sewed them together.  That’s not enough though, because when you cover a comforter like that, it really just swims around inside its new bag and gets all clumpy.  You have to tie down the corners at least, like a quilt, to keep it in place.  I didn’t tie the whole thing, just around the edges.

No more ducks.   Much better.

The local weather man (Ug) says these storms are up and down the whole east coast.  Enjoy the fireworks!  Turn off your computers!!  Our friend Dave wishes he had turned his off earlier in the day.  Now he has to get a new one.  Sad.  Going to put some ice on the ankle.


One thought on “Thunderstorm Tuesday

  1. The more bags that I see….well, I know that I have more than enough! But they do come in such pretty fabrics! I’m sorry about your poor ankle. We know that ice and rest are the only cures but not always possible. We are now in the midst of thunderstorms, so will get out of here.

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