A Super Sunday

I have been making this project for two weeks now.  Not actually making it, but making it in my head.  This is how I do things like this.  I think about it and think about it.  I make it and make it and make it until I know how it goes together, then I can actually make it when all of the parts come together, because I figured out what didn’t work right.

I have been wanting one of those pull around shopping cart things that you might take to the market or stuff laundry into or whatever.  Do you know the kind I mean? Old ladies push them down the sidewalk? They are usually white and fold up and cost $30?  I don’t have $30.  But we do have odds and ends of useful stuff.  I have been eyeing this old pet cage that we have wondering how to make it into something better.  The problem has been the wheels.  Several weeks back I got two bicycle wheels for a youth sized bike at the dump thinking those would be handy.  So in my mind the cage and the wheels went together for this cart.  But the wheels were a bit big and one of them had gear thingys on it that might not come out.  It wasn’t quite right.  But I knew I was on the right track.  And there was the axle to consider.  How would the wheels attach to the cage?  What would I use for a handle?  And how to keep it light enough to get in and out of the van?

Today at the dump I got the exact, EXACT, right thing to finish my project.  The wheels and metal parts to a portable charcoal grill.  They could not have been any more perfect.  I find that what I need–not what I want, but what I need–will always show up at the recycle room at the dump.  I mean transfer station.  Not always when I ask for it, but when it is the right time to receive it.  I think the Great Spirit hears what I am asking for and leaves it there for me.  I always say thank you, and I think that is why the right things keep showing up.  Is it okay that I think there is a Great Spirit Of Junk At The Dump?

My tools were a butter knife and pruners.

What to do for a handle?

The small little weedy saplings from the lilac bush.  Woven into a handle.  I used the holes in the table as a base to hold it while I wove it.

The metal parts of the wheel mechanism got a coat of chrome spray paint.  I covered the wheels themselves  with plastic bags so as not to cover them in silver.  Yes, I painted right onto the driveway, no, the dog is not going to eat the paint.

The cage is red.  That’s what we had the most of.  You can’t see in this view, but the part of the cage where the door is is completely folded inside the cage.  We thought to take it off entirely, but there are these pain in the butt clips holding it on that really did not want to come off.  (I asked Ug to do this, but for three days they still did not get taken off.)  So they are still on there, but with the whole end just pushed to the inside.  It actually gives it more stability that way too.  I’m sure that Ug knew this the whole time and was just waiting for me to come to this conclusion myself.

Woven handle attached to the uprights on the wheely thing.

I have four hose clamps holding this rig together.  That was the only thing that cost any money.  Two for 59 cents and two for 65 cents.  I couldn’t find my screwdriver so I used a butter knife to tighten the clamps.

The uprights had these weird clamps on them already, so those are just some extra support.

During the hottest part of today I went upstairs to the sewing room and made a liner for it.  (Instead of mowing the lawn.)

My measurements might have been a bit off on the liner, it sags and bags here and there, but that’s okay.

I really could not be more thrilled with this whole project.  It looks just like it did when it was only in my head.  And it works.  It pulls along nicely.  I think the clamps will need to be tightened as the handle dries out.  Even if the handle should not work out for some reason, I think I could come up with something else.  But I like this one and hope it holds together.

I want to use this next weekend when I go to the Fiber Frolic.  When you go to something like that you tend to have to park way over there, and the fair is way over here, so you don’t really go back and forth to the car.  But you need stuff for a day out.  Water, a lunch, a second pair of shoes  because your feet hurt half way through the day (no matter what shoes you brought), and some knitting for when you are sitting down on the bench watching all of the people and sheep and goats go by.  All that stuff gets heavy when you are using your back pack.  Which is what I did last year and I nearly sweat to death with that thing on my back.

I am just so pleased with this.  I am giggling inside still.  I think this would be handy on lots of outings, which is why people buy those things I guess.  But geez, I made it, and I made it from used old junk, and no one else has one like it.

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