Everything teal is not always rosey

I finished the teal merino that I was working on.

3 7/8 ounces.  Why 3 7/8 ounces and not 4 ounces?  because there was this tangly glob that did not want to be plied.  It liked being a little knotted unreasonable mess.  Some days I would patiently sit and work that out, but today after a few minutes I pulled it off and kept going.  Ug says I should show my successes and my failures.  He’s right.  Don’t tell him I said that.  I don’t think this is a failure, but I could have left out the bit about the snarly glob. I think its good to see that sometimes.  Especially if you were learning to spin and thought that everyone got it perfectly right all of the time.  They don’t.  They just don’t show you the messy bits.

Finishing this is actually a really nice point though.  Because other than working on the fiber from that Gap scarf   that I pulled apart, I am finished with my half finished spinning projects.  That means I can start on something new.  What a fun place to be.  So many choices, so many possibilities.

Thanks for looking today.

2 thoughts on “Everything teal is not always rosey

  1. Glad that i came back for another look! That could be put in my shopping cart too. Yes, I do think that it all should be mine. Why not? Mostly because when I do receive it, I sit and look at it for- like forever!

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