Wingspan at Midnight

I stayed up too late last night trying to figure out this wingspan shawl pattern and its markers.  I understood the first triangle just fine, it was the second one that was befuddling me.  I followed the pattern line by line and ended up with the marker down at the fat end.  My instincts just knew this was not right.  Reading those patterns lines over and over and over again did not make it any more clear.  Just because you repeat the same words to me over and over again does not make me understand you any better! (Boy I wish my high school algebra teacher had gotten that)

What did help me though was looking at a bunch of the photos in ravelry of the completed and ongoing projects.  I am such a visual learner that the photos of the in progress works were way more helpful than the questions and answers in the forum.  I know I could have posted my questions, but it seems to me that if more than 2500 people figured this out just fine, I should be able to as well.  And they were all saying how easy it was.  So I looked at what they did and what they are doing (the in progress ones were more helpful than the completed ones) and could finally see what was going on.  So I ripped out two rows and got the second triangle going.

As a testament to how popular this pattern is, it is available in seven different languages.  What an odd idea to think of people in so many different countries all knitting the same thing.  That must feel amazing for the designer.  To know that what you have created is reaching so many people.

After that first triangle I realized that I will not have enough yarn to finish 8 triangles in the one color.  So I rummaged around and found this purple handspun that will work just fine.  It is 75% wool and 25% alpaca.  I spun it, but purchased it as roving at the Fiber Frolic last year.

Now that I understand it, it can properly go into the basket and into the car.  Around midnight I thought–how can this be car knitting?  For all of this effort I could have finished the squirrels.  But I think I’ve got it and will keep chugging along.

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