Fridays Fiber Frenzy

This is what I’ve been working on this week.  I’m feeling rather productive even though the squirrel socks have not advanced very far.

Finished!  The Gap-tastic Cowl is finished.  (Well, there are two or three ends to weave in, but for all intents and purposes, done.)  This has been my car knitting for a while.  It seems to take for ever to finish anything when it is car knitting.  But then, you really only take it out a couple of times per week.  But, another one done for the Christmas-presents-to-be box.

This should take you to my project page in ravelry to see this in progress.

The squirrel socks are progressing slowly.  I have been really tired after work this week and have not been able to concentrate on the charted squirrels of the second cuff.  I really want to be able to do that part right, so I have to wait until I am fresher and more able to focus on my little friends.  But this is how far along I am:

Almost off the wheel is the teal wool (hahaha, not steel wool, but teal wool):

All I have left to do is to ply it.  This is Merino wool, and is just so nice to spin. It really might be as soft as alpaca.

And for the next car knitting, I found this pattern for a shawl that seems fairly straightforward and repetitive for the mindless knitting:  It must be pretty easy, there are 2498 projects of this pattern in ravelry.  That many knitters can’t be wrong!

This is handspun wool.  Nothing special wool, or nothing specific wool, but pretty soft and I like the colors.  The gray and white are natural, and the burgundy and teal (more teal, interesting how that color is creeping in now–I never used to like it before) came from a sewing shop, but I only had a tiny bit of it.  They carded together nicely.

I am curious to see how the colors progress from ball to ball.  This first one has more white in it than do the other two.

So one project done, one new yarn almost done, and two in the works.  I’m fairly well pleased with the work done this week, though I would have liked to have had the squirrels further along.

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