Frolicking fibers

This morning I was trying to write a post about the upcoming Fiber Frolic that takes place June 2 and 3 at the Windsor Fair Grounds, Windsor, Maine.  This is a really great fiber festival.  It is not too large, therefore you are not completely exhausted from walking all around the place three times to make sure you saw everything,  but for the size of it, it really is quite comprehensive, and really just so much fun.  It is only about an hour or so from here, and makes a nice day trip.

What I was trying to do in that post was to link their page to mine.  I have been trying to “grab their button” as so many sites have, but I cannot seem to do this.  I have tried several times with a few different buttons and just can’t seem to figure it out.  Anyone able to clue me in on this?

Anyway, I did end up making a batt today on the drum carder.  I have some black alpaca that I washed a couple of weeks ago, and some wool that I dyed the prettiest brick red a while back.  I still have some blue wool that I got at last year’s Fiber Frolic, so given the difficulties this morning, I thought it was fitting to throw some of that in too.  And just for sparkle, I added a little firestar.

This is the pile that I started with.  I used all of the black alpaca and the sparkly blue firestar, but not all of the red or blue wool.  In this picture the blue wool (upper left hand corner) is the truest color of the photos.  In the two below, it looks REALLY BLUE.  But it is really more of a smokey blue/dark gray.

I love the way the firestar just glitters in the photos.   That’s why we add it; a little drama just for fun.

One thought on “Frolicking fibers

  1. Beck, your Frolicking Fiber photographs are all beautiful. The colors are so nice. I love the sparkles of the Firelights

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