Mother’s Day first breakfast.

I was going to write about this as I ate it this morning, but it was so good that I just sat here eating it and not realizing that I wasn’t doing anything else.  One overripe banana, some huge strawberries  cut into big chunks–by the way, the strawberries are just amazing right now if you haven’t had any yet.  I keep finding them for two bucks a box and they are so ripe and yummy, almost like they were not made in a factory like I suspect they are–plain Stoneyfield Farm yogurt and chia seeds. With plain granola on top for crunch.   Ohh Doggie.

I normally by store brand plain yogurt, but yesterday my Tranten Family Market was out of the quart sized store brand plain yogurt.  They did however have plenty of Stoneyfield Farm yogurt.  I rarely buy that.  I love love love it, but it is at least a dollar more than the store brand.  It really is a dollar better than the store brand too.  Sorry Shurfine.  When I do buy it, I have to say I buy the whole milk and not the low fat.  Store brand only comes in low fat =/  But the guys at Stoneyfield know a little something about yogurt and the whole milk is so much creamier and richer and yummier.  So I justify it by telling myself that if I have to spend the extra money, there ain’t no way I’m gittin’ the low fat!  At least I didn’t get the Cream on Top Whole Milk Yogurt.  Yeah, they have that too.  Only not yesterday.  Or I would have had it today.  Bad, bad, bad.  But good, good, good.

This Sunday is starting out suspiciously like last Sunday.  It is 7:20 am and I have already had breakfast and been outside in the garden.  It looks very much like rain today, so I want to get any outside stuff done early.  I’ll be back later with an update on the squirrel socks.

Have a great Mother’s Day.

2 thoughts on “Mother’s Day first breakfast.

  1. Ug is SO eloquent! Just makes me want to eat breakfast! Don’t forget that you & I spent over and hour on the phone. I just sent the heel directions for your squirrel sock. Hope that it comes through and is clear.

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