Another busy Sunday

Last Sunday was one of the most productive days I have had in a long time.  Today was another one.  We did not do as much as last weekend, but did get quite a lot accomplished.  I love the feeling when you have been working outside all day, then quite exhausted, look around and see just what you’ve done.  The yard is really starting to look nice.

My gardens are all raised beds, and each year I rebuild the ones from the year before–adding new mulch hay and compost, moving support fencing around, covering grass and weeds between the rows with mulch, getting them ready to grow more veg, and each year I am trying to add new beds too.  I really want my one acre of land to provide me with as much food as possible.  It really is a lot of work, but I love doing it, no matter how tired I am at the end of the day.  I get so much joy out of being able to walk around and pick a few things here and there and have lunch or breakfast or whatever and know that I have fed myself for the cost of a few seeds and some hard work.

I have only lived in this house for three years, so my gardens are building slowly–not as quickly as I would like, either.  I have made mistakes here and there, but each year seems to get better and better, more organized and more productive.  I am ultimately trying to swing the balance of grass to garden in favor of garden.  I am starting to resent the time I spend mowing the lawn as time I could be spending planting something or moving compost around.  I want my efforts to produce something other than a neatly cut lawn.  In my mind the lawn has become something that has to be defeated.  My arch enemy is the grass.  Sounds funny to you probably (and really to me too), but I am working on getting rid of it square foot by square foot.  We shall defeat the lawn!!  MWAHHHAHAHAH

I had meant to update today about the squirrel socks, but since I spent the day outside, there is not much to show.  Instead I thought I would show you what is on my wheel.

This is Merino, I can’t remember if superwash or not.  I got this as a bag of pencil roving, already dyed.  I chose to run it through the drum carder and mix all of the blues, greens and teals together.  There is just a bit of sparkle in here–I added that part.  I really love this color.  Never have I liked teal before, but I am really starting to.  This is just the softest stuff.  Its really nice to spin too.

Now I am going to put my feet up and get to squirrlin’.

Hope you had a fun Sunday.

One thought on “Another busy Sunday

  1. I guess that the rain held off. We had sun almost all day but with grocery shopping and a man down with a really horrible looking knee-didn’t get out much.

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