Seeing red this morning

I was out in the garden yesterday, poking around and checking on everybody , when I realized that the rhubarb is perfect right now.  I thought it would be a few weeks still, but now is the time.  Really red and still small-ish.  So this morning I went out in my jammies and picked some.  I am going to estimate that I picked about two pounds.

This variety gets really huge leaves on it.  This appears to be filling the box its in, but just you wait until it gets really big.

Never underestimate the help of a Sadie in the garden either.  She likes to follow me around out there.  (I think she is supervising)

I stopped by the compost pile on my way by and chopped off the leaves.  No need to bring them into the house to do that.  The leaves are poisonous by the way.  It may look like Swiss Chard and a big waste of greens, but don’t be fooled.  I have been wondering if since they are poisonous would they be good ground up and made into a bug repellent kind of thing.  Does anyone know about that?

These guys are being made into rhubarb apple sauce.  I have a few cans of apple sauce that were given to me and that I would like to use up, but they are really bland and taste like they were made in a factory.  They definitely need some help to me made into something I might actually eat.  So the rhubarb will give them a boost.  I saw a recipe for blueberry and rhubarb preserves too, so I may get that far this weekend.  There are lots of blueberries in the freezer just waiting to be put to good use.

I am thinking about keeping track of the weights of everything this gardening season to see just how much produce I can generate from my one acre.  I was thinking that a scale on the bench in the entryway and a notebook would be the easiest thing.  On the way in the house, way the stuff, write it down, then come inside.  I’m going to start a new page here to keep track too.  Should be interesting!

Happy Saturday!

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