Feeling a little squirrely today

I really want to be able to knit socks.  I know how to knit socks.  My mum taught me to knit socks about a hundred and fifty years ago.   But I really want to be able to knit TWO socks. I have knit socks in the past, just not two the same.  One.  One and a half.  I have completed one pair of socks.  I gave them to my mum.  She keeps them in a drawer and never wears them, as she knows there my never be another PAIR of socks knit by me, ever.  Well, lets try to fix that.

These are the socks that I want to knit.

The pattern is found in Ravelry, http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/the-squirrel-socks

What a cute design.  There are so many projects made already of these socks.  I would love to add mine to the list.  People are so creative with their color combinations.

But already I see a problem.  And this is not technically my problem.  Technically it is inherited.  I want to knit these socks, but not the way the designer intended.  God forbid we actually follow the pattern and just do what we are told.  No.  That’s not how we do it.  These are knit from the toe up.  I want to knit them from the top down.  So that means following the pattern backwards.  Yep, backwards.  <<sigh>>  Here we go.  And I don’t like how the squirrels are only on the front of the sock.  <<sigh>>  Shouldn’t they go all the way around?  Or alternate with acorns?   Why are there squirrels and no acorns?  We will have to add some.  That means finding a charted acorn that fits with the number of stitches in the sock.  <<sigh>>  And as written, they will never fit me.  They are made to fit a medium ladies foot.  I have a large foot.  So I am using a bit bigger yarn than is suggested.  As written it is fingering weight, that is tiny for those of you non-knitters.  I will be using yarn that is probably sock weight.  <<sigh>>

The yarn I am using is a combination of mill spun and hand spun.

The oatmeal color is mill spun wool.  It is from a cone that I have had for a long time.  There are knots here and there, so I will have to work around those.

The brown with bits of plum is handspun by me, from a wool roving purchased at the Common Ground Fair about four years ago.  I have long since lost the paper with the breed information on it.  I am trying to keep better records now.  I have more roving if I need to spin more of this.  I have two of these skeins already spun, and I think that will be enough.

The multicolored is also handspun from a batt that I carded.  It is a combination of wool, alpaca and angora.  The pink and peach were dyed by me but the browns and tans are natural.

It is the start of a cuff.  I think this brown is so squirrel-y.  It seems to be the right color.

My plan is to knit both socks at the same time.  In my mind I am breaking the sock into chunks, and will knit one chunk on one sock, then that same chunk on the other sock.  Theoretically they should be done at the same time.  <<sigh>>  Maybe.

I saw somewhere on the net a picture of a sock drawer that was all hand knit socks.  Hand knit by the person who’s drawer it was.  I want that.  This is the first step.

This is not in the car knitting.  This is sit in your seat and keep the pattern next to you and pay attention knitting.


One thought on “Feeling a little squirrely today

  1. I happen to have one of those sock drawers!!
    Keep going with the squirrely socks-I want to see them on Ravelry as well.

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