What a busy Sunday.  I think we crammed more into this Sunday than we have in several recent days combined.

I started with coffee at 6:30 am.  Nothing was going to happen without it.

By 7:30 I was outside mowing the lawn.  I’m still not finished, but I got a good chunk done.  And are we ever really done mowing the lawn?  This is Ug’s mower because mine doesn’t want to start.  I killed it at the end of last summer.

I had a lot of help today.  Sadie followed me everywhere.  She doesn’t seem to like the mower very much, but she stays near me when it is running.

My bleeding heart is in bloom.  It lives on the other side/end of the house, so I only get over there when mowing.  There used to be some kind of flower bed over there, but it is in desparate need of an overhaul.  It will have to wait though, as I am working on getting veggie beds established first.

Around 10 we took off from doing our respective yard chores to go fiddle head picking.  This is on the road to the not-so-super-secret-spot for picking.  Three ducks out for a Sunday morning swim.

Fiddle heads!!  We tried to pick last Sunday, but it was too early.  Today was perfect, and in another 2-3 days, they will all be up and fern-y and gone by.

Where we go to pick fiddle heads is a very unique spot.  It is sort of swampy, but not stagnatingly swampy, there is a stream that runs through a sandy river bed (the Sandy Stream actually), most of the year it is a stream, but in the spring it is a fast running river.  It over flows its banks, watering and fertilizing the area around it, then recedes, leaving prime growing ground for fiddle head ferns.  When you are in the area though, it feels to me like how I imagine the Everglades to be.  Sort of this other strange world.

This is one of the trees growing in this stream bed area.  What type is it?

The bark seems to peel and hang off in shreds.


Sadie had fun exploring the in the woods.  She is the only Lab I have ever met that does not like water.  She did cross a stream-let once, but I think it was by accident.  The other green plants you can see?  Skunk cabbage.  When the skunk cabbage look like this, the fiddle heads are ready.

Lots of mushrooms growing on trees in this area.

From fiddle heads in Lexington, Highland is just a couple of miles away.  I wanted to get a couple of clumps of chives for transplant to my garden.  There is a spot that is just packed with wild chives.  I had come prepared with shovel and buckets.  Someone had been there before me.  My hole is on the right, someone else got a few from the hole on the left.  When these go to flower they are really pretty.  This is a pretty big area filled with them.  Mint also grows here, but was not up yet.

Luckily I know a better spot for digging up wild mint.

This is the minty-est mint that ever minted.  I got two buckets.  Mint is very hardy, and will spread like crazy.  If you plant mint, either from seed or from seedlings, or from stolen wild transplants, replant it in something that will contain it, or someplace where you don’t mind if it takes over.

By 11:30 the english muffin that I had at 7 had worn off.  Second breakfast was scrambled eggs with black beans, spinach, tomatoes, broccoli and cheddar.  Pumpernickel toast.  There were more veg than eggs in this.  Enough fuel to keep me going for the afternoon!

A raised bed built by the steps.  Another will be built over here   >->————————>>>

But not today.  It looks kind of junky, but I think with stuff growing in it, it should look better.  These are plastic parts to a pool that the previous owners left in a heap in my back yard.  I have been wondering what to do with it or how to get rid of it.  New use for an old thing, and less to take to the dump.  {I felt my back give out around here.  It was bound to anyway, but there was still more to be done!!}

Still on the list for today, mulch hay from Everett for Ug’s garden.  Everett cuts all his own hay by hand, with a scythe.  For “exercise”.  Good Grief.  He lets us use it for our gardens. He even helps us load it.  Good thing, today!

Ug will unload his hay tomorrow.  He has a raised bed box for his garden that he built.

Since we were pretty much wiped out by now, we took a ride to Carrabassett Valley to the “thrift”.  We stopped at my little store for coffee first.   Sugarloaf mountain on the way.  Still some patchy snow on the trails.

The Carrabassett Thrift.

The sign is new.  Someone made it for the dump.

Not much there today.  A couple of things, but nothing we couldn’t have lived without.  The ride was really nice though.

At the dump there are several bird houses.  Today there were lots an lots of these beautiful blue birds fighting over the best real estate.  Al the attendant said he thinks they are some kind of swallow.  No, they are not blue birds.  But they are the most beautiful irridescent blue you have ever seen.  This photo does not do them justice.  The blue was just sparkly and shiny.  Sort of disco-ish even.


On the way home we decided we were starving.  And then someone had to say it.  “Crab Rangoon”.  Once it is said it is very hard to take it back.  So we went for our special treat, once a month Chinese dinner.  In Skowhegan.  We have not done this much driving around in quite a while.

Now I am stuffed and tired and soon to be sore.

A cup of decaf green tea and then I am going to bed.

I realize that this is a regular day for some people.  But not for us.  We did a lot today and feel pretty good about the results.  No inside chores got done, but rest assured that the rain is coming back again by Tuesday at the latest, so plenty of time to get the house back in shape!

Happy Sunday.

3 thoughts on “Sunday!

  1. What a Sunday indeed! It sounds like a glorious and productive day. Calvin says that your tree is a shag hickory. We have some here and he thinks that is what it is. Have a good sleep, it is well earned.

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