The Purl Ridge Scarf

First of all, Ug was right.  I hate when Ug is right.  It’s even worse than when your mother is right.  These ARE weeds.  I was so happy when they sprouted, but they are not peas.

How do I know?  Because these are peas.  And these weed sprouts are everywhere.  What are they?  I thought they came in with the composted cow manure, but they are everywhere.  And the cow poo is NOT everywhere.  My instinct tells me to pull them from my planted rows, but I am very curios curious as to what they might be.

I have finished the Purl Ridge cowl by Stephen West.

It looks really big, but its not.  It measures 8″ by 54″ (all the way around”.  So you would wear this round your neck either once or doubled up.  The fabric is nice and drapey and I like the color changes.  It looks like shades of gray if you look at it quickly, but if you look closely, it is gray and white and blue and green.

I did something I have never done with knitting before.  I made an estimate of how many stitches are in this one small item.  200 stitches per row (CO 200) by 50 rows.  Do the math, kids?  10,000 stitches.  In a scarf.  10,000.

There was a tiny ball of the handspun left.  I have oodles of the black so that doesn’t matter.  But I really didn’t want the handspun to get left in a basket somewhere and forgotten.  Even a small ball represents a load of time and effort, so I wanted to use it all up.

So there is going to be a hat to match the scarf.  (“Of course there is” said Ug.  Slightly condescendingly not as nicely as he could have.)

Oh yeah…….and the black flies are out.  Oh joy.  Must mean the sun is finally coming out.


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