Half-dried alpaca fiber

I brought the half-dried alpaca in off the line last night.  I have spread it out on a screen to finish drying inside.  You can maybe see the parts that are more dry than others, they are the ones that are bright white.  There is still a lot of dirt and bits of VM in the fiber, but as I work with it more and more comes out.  When I pull it apart with my hands lots falls to the floor (then needs sweeping!).  Once this is all the way dry we will card it.  It can be spun from there or dyed, depending on our mood that day.

This fiber is so soft.  I really love working with the alpaca.  I think I will keep washing tomorrow, since I have tomorrow off.  It is really a job to be done when you are at home doing other things, and not something that you can hurry and do.

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