March Madness has ended

March Madness has ended, just in time for May.  This is the fiber that I was spinning in March.

I finished it yesterday.  It has been washed and hung to dry.  This evens out the twist and makes for a nicer yarn.

This is 100% alpaca, hand- everythinged by me, washed, dyed, carded, spun.  Alpaca is such a great fiber to work with.  So soft, takes dye beautifully, and is so easy to spin.  If it weren’t for having an alpaca farm on my road, I would never get to work with it.  I buy last year’s fiber at a great discount, as the owner is always working through this year’s stock of fiber, getting it ready to show and sell that she seems to want to get rid of last year’s.

I’m really pleased with this batch.  There isn’t much of it though, maybe 300 yards.  But it is another half finished project done.


One thought on “March Madness has ended

  1. As usual, BEAUTIFUL! Isn’t it gratifying to “finish” a project and then you can move on to another.
    Have a great day.

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