Pumpkin cheesecake. Sort of.

After supper tonight, we both really wanted ice cream.  We don’t have ice cream.  And we are not driving to town for ice cream.  With gas at $3.91 per gallon, we are not making extra trips for whims like ice cream.  But knowing and understanding that does not make the “I want” go away.  Having no other sweet snack to hand (no, apples don’t count, and I ate one already today), I started to rummage in the cupboard.  A box of instant jell-o pudding, cheesecake flavor.  Now that is getting closer.  But no real milk.  Only 2/3s of a can of canned milk.  Then there becomes the real dilemma:  use all of the milk for the pudding, or save it for coffee in the morning?  More rummaging.  A can of pumpkin.  Not sweetened pumpkin pie filling, but just plain canned pumpkin.

I added a few spices, but no extra sweetener, just the box of pudding mix and half of the can of pumpkin.  Used half of the milk.  Saved the rest for coffee.  It was a bit too thick, but the spicy-ness was perfect.  The pumpkin was good, with a little twang of the cheesecake flavor coming through.  I added a few crumbles of granola on top for crunchy-ness.

I put a cup in the freezer to see what happens.

Yummy.  I really like these little coffee as dessert cups.  You can tell when to stop eating your dessert because the cup is empty.  (Unlike eating ice cream out of the box.  That one is really hard to know when to stop!)   And now I can stop thinking about ice cream!

One thought on “Pumpkin cheesecake. Sort of.

  1. You are one inventive Lucy, aren’t you? I wish I had you around here to make up for my lack of the common sense needed,

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