WIP in the fiber world is Works In Progress.  We all have them.  Things that are half done. Things that we are absolutely in love with until we find something else that we just have to start knitting right now.  It is not uncommon to have to have three or four projects going at once.  I try not to have more than two at a time.  More than two overwhelm me and make me feel like I am losing the battle, or getting further and further away from completion.  These are the two that I am working on now:

This is the Gap-tastic Cowl:  http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/gap-tastic-cowl

The yellow yarn is the left overs from the Baby Abraham sweater, two strands, and the colored is from an ugly store made scarf that I ripped apart for the yarn.  It seems to have some wool content.  But the yellow is 100% icky polyester.  It does knit up nicely though and is not terrible feeling.  Boy, there’s a recommendation for it.  “Not terrible feeling”.  I can feel the sponsors just rolling in now.

I thought I was done with this, and started to bind off, but it really wasn’t wide enough, so I will keep going for a few more inches.

The next project is this one, a cowl from a Stephen West pattern, the Purl Ridge Cowl.  http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/purl-ridge-scarf

The black is store bought, I have no label for it, but it certainly contains no natural fibers.  Just trying to use up some odds and ends of yarn.  The other is hand spun (by me) and is super soft.   The colors are really subtle and change from blue to gray to small bits of green.  It looks like the Tidal Pool skein that I made but is not.  Quite similar, but different.

The pattern of this cowl is that there are four rows of knitting, and one row of purling.  This repeats through the whole thing.  I don’t like to purl.  I’m not fast at it, and I can’t do it without looking.  (I have learned to knit without looking, but only knit, no purling or pattern or anything.)  What I learned here is that if you turn your knitting around, and I suspect this only works when knitting in the round, if you turn it around (inside out) you can knit back the other way on the inside and it makes a nice little purl row on the right side.  I can hear the knitters groaning now.  But it works.  Cheater.

I’m having fun with these two projects.  The yellow one lives in the car and the blue/black one stays in the house.  It is amazing what you can get done in ten minute batches of car knitting.  If I am waiting somewhere, or early to work or whatever, having a project in the car is almost like knitting for free or something.  Like making extra time.  It feels like getting away with something.

You’ll see these guys again when they are finished.  Hope the sun is out where you live today.

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