a garden tour this morning

It is cold and still rainy here today.  This is the millionth day of cold and rainy here today.  But the garden doesn’t seem to mind.  I took a walk round the garden this morning with my camera.

Do you remember planting the garlic in the fall …… here.  Well, they are all up and doing well.

The peas that I planted here are up.  Ug says they are weeds, but they are definitely peas.

Mr. Rhubarb was the first thing to get going.  He will be huge by the time he’s done.

This is the second year for the blueberries.  I planted 6 plants, 3 different varieties (2 of each) last year.  They were about $4 each from Reny’s.  They are doing really well.  Last year I pinched off all of the blossoms and just let them grow.  I have added composted cow manure, leaves and pine needles.  I will add more poo this year.  But they all look pretty healthy for this early in the year.  Awful photo, but it was hard to get up close.

This guy made it through the winter too.  In the fall I started a new herb area.  This sounds nice, but what I did was that I dumped out the herbs that were growing in their pots all summer and were quite root bound into one area.  This is the sage.  It was a bit dried out and half dead looking when I unceremoniously dumped it in.  Now look at it.  Just as happy as can be.  We’ll see how the rest of them survive their less than delicate treatment.


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