A Sweater for Baby Abraham

I just finished this sweater for a young man named Abraham.  He is 7 months old and very cute.

I think this will fit him now, right now, and for the rest of the Spring, but he will probably have outgrown it by Fall.  I had most of the body done by the time I saw him again recently and realized it might only fit now.  Babys grow so fast.  I thought about pulling it out and starting over, but that seemed like a waste.  And this yarn seems to split once it is pulled out once.  It would have been difficult to re-knit with it.  So he can have it now, and another one later.

I wish I had noticed about the buttons first though.  They look like owl eyes.  A sweater with those cables that look like owls would have been perfect.  So that might be an idea to start with for the next one.

The pattern is from Oat Couture.  http://www.oatcouture.com/Baby.html

I did change it a little bit.  The back of the yoke is supposed to have this same pattern on it, but it seemed time consuming for the back of a sweater.  So the back is plain.

It was supposed to be knit in pieces, too:  back, front, sleeves, then all sewn together.  As much as I do like to sew, I do not like to sew knitting together.  So I knit the body in the round, then continued for the front on straight needles, with the back holding on the circular needles.  I attached a new yarn for the back and continued on that.

The sleeves were supposed to be knit from the cuff to the shoulder, and again, flat, but Good Lord, that is so much sewing.  Silly really.  So I picked up from the shoulder with dpn’s, and knit them down to the cuff, circular-ly (is that a word?).  There was some figuring to be done, as that required the sleeve to be knit backwards.  I had to pull out one sleeve as it wasn’t right the first time.  But a baby sleeve is such a little thing, that it didn’t take long to re-do.

The thing about Oat Couture patterns is that the baby patterns would be beautiful in adult sizes.  This one in particular would be nice: http://www.oatcouture.com/patternpages/201victoriant.html  or this:  http://www.oatcouture.com/patternpages/BB221SweetieSweater.html

This sweater is knit from an acrylic yarn, which I really don’t like, but I think for a baby wool or alpaca is just not practical since it would have to be washed so many times.  I’m not sure any new mother really wants to be hand-washing-and-lying-flat-to-dry hand knits.  An alternative for next time might be the superwash sock yarn.  Sort of the best of both worlds, wool, but machine washable.

This is only the second sweater I have ever knit.  The first one was a sweater for a 3-year old, and it was about 15 years ago.  I don’t seem to be able to work up the nerve to knit a whole, adult sized thing.  And the amount of yarn needed for an adult sweater really is a big investment.  For even reasonably priced (i.e, cheap) yarn that could be 50-60$.  For something I might or might not like to wear is too much for me.  So for now, little things.  Hats, baby sweaters, maybe mittens.

Now it just needs to be wrapped up and given!

2 thoughts on “A Sweater for Baby Abraham

  1. Glad to hear from you. Great job on that sweater. It is a real cutie! I will go to those sites and perhaps pick something to knit for Simone or Juni, or perhaps even Ella. We will see.

    • You have to buy their patterns. I happened to have this one because I got it when a yarn shop closed and all their patterns were free. I can send you a copy of this one if you like, or Ravelry has lots of cute free patterns. Thanks for looking!

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